Arts in Education

Improvisation Training Means Problem-Solving for Life

Theme of Workshop

In this directed workshop students use improvisational techniques to incorporate current subject matter into structured scenes. Students gain “soft” skills, such as:

  • listening and speaking effectively
  • enhanced brainstorming abilities
  • increasing confidence in front of a group
  • becoming aware of the benefits of team effort

Improvisation workshop activities are devised to utilize classroom or grade-level content in an engaging format designed to inform, as well as entertain. The structure for activities and exercises are sustainable long after the workshop is completed. Many of the exercises and scenes are similar to “Whose Line is it Anyway?” Using improv principles as guidelines, scenes can be critiqued and evaluated according to New York State Arts in Education standards.

Description of Workshop

The workshop will consist of interactive exercises and activities designed to foster cooperation, to increase innovation and to develop more creative problem-solving skills. Positive outcomes include the development of team spirit and a greater willingness to work together toward goals. These soft skills are effective in increasing emotional intelligence and combating bullying.


  • No right or wrong answer. (Creative Thinking Skill Development)
  • Using positive responses. (Increase Possibilities)
  • Cooperation works better. ( Illustrates Synergy in Team Building)
  • Failure is not permanent (Perspective is Increased)
  • Impromptu speaking practice (Brainstorming)
  • Proficiency expands confidence (Increase in Self-Esteem)

Workshop times are flexible and can accommodate any school schedule.

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