Speech Coaching and Speaking Facilitation for Individuals or Groups

Improv for Speakers – One-on-One Coaching or Small Groups


One-on-one coaching is the answer for anyone who needs to communicate more effectively in front of groups. If you are a “English as a Second Language” individual looking to improve pronunciation, Terrie Gifford has helped others and can help you, as well.

  1. Helped a candidate who had to speak in front of a Town Board get a job as Highway Superintendent.
  2. Helped a Momentive  Executive from China speak more slowly and clearly. Shortly thereafter, this man was promoted to responsibility for eight out of 24 world-wide plants.
  3. Helped a local Insurance Company Owner prepare for a Panel Discussion on Diversity.
  4. Helped a fifth-grader with English Language skills to improve grades.
  5. Helped (by Skype) an Entrepreneur from China successfully pitch his business idea to a roomful of Venture Capitalists. He received funding!

Rates:  $50.00 per hour (my home office), $60.00 per hour (your home or place of business located within 20 miles or by Skype.)





Helpful for anyone who wants to polish their public speaking:

This life-changing coaching session will prepare you to confidently approach any interview, speaking engagement, presentation , speaking contest or social function.  Once you are free from the anxiety of having to “keep to the script,” you can develop your personal speaking style to be more persuasive and influential.

“Taking an improv workshop can change your entire demeanor to make you more confident.  Practicing improv can also increase “thinking on your feet” and brainstorming skills.  In general, getting good at improv  can enhance communication with everyone in you life.”

Rates:  $50.00 per hour (my home office), $60.00 per hour (your home or place of business located  within 20 miles)

$30.00 second hour (optional)

Group Rates:  $30.00 per person per hour, Groups of Four Preferred

References and Resume Available, Call 518-956-3901 for appointment


Speaking Facilitation – One-on-One Coaching

Helpful for Anyone who uses English as a Second Language:

This coaching covers proper pronunciation, English writing and English-Speaking Idioms, all of which are needed to fully communication with effectiveness with other English-speaking clients and co-workers.


Same rates as above

References and Resume Available, Call 518-956-3901 for appointment

Terrie has a BA in Education from Western Michigan University.  She also is a Distinguished Toastmaster with Toastmasters International and is a professional member of the National Speakers Association.  Her work with speech coaching has provided coveted jobs and better communication for her clients.  Testimonials are available upon request.

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