What is the Secret of Team Building?


Deepak Chopra has declared three essential “ingredients” for successful teams.

They must have 1) “shared vision, 2) emotional bonding, and 3) every member compliments the strengths of each other.”  Something I would like to add is that successful teams also compensate for weaknesses.  Actually, Dr. Chopra mentions that his weakness is in execution (getting things started and completed), therefore he teams with people who are good at execution to compliment his ability to be “futuristic, adaptable and strategic.”

One of the most difficult and complex elements of good team is emotional bonding.  Dr. Chopra tells us that each team member must be “free of resentments and jealousies.”  In addition, team members show the positive feelings of “affection, attention and appreciation” toward one another if they are on a successful team.

Sometimes teams need reminders of the big picture.  Is your shared vision clearly stated and agreed upon by all?  Are you hearing bickering, complaining, put downs or snide remarks?  Are your team members not pitching in to help?  These are signs that your team may be in trouble.

To watch Dr. Chopra’s video:  https://www.deepakchopra.com/video/view/507/ask_deepak__



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