Benefits of Practicing Improv

Practicing improvisation prepares a young person for life!

What your child will get:

  •  Listening skill practice
    • Public speaking practice
    • Greater aptitude for emotional intelligence
    • Left brain, right brain workouts
    • Training to think on feet
    • Overall communication skill development

They also are allowed to use their sense of humor—appropriately, of course! They will be encouraged to use an accent while speaking and they will also be encouraged to cooperate with their fellow workshop participants.

They will meet new friends and get acquainted with motivated, like-minded kids.


Improv students provide feedback on how practicing improv has made improvements in their lives.

1) “The improv classes were great. It was a lot of fun, and it helped me become a more confident person. I would DEFINITELY recommend this class to those looking to have fun and grow as a person.” William Skelley

2)” The improv classes were a fun activity and sometimes were a little crazy, but in a good way. In the end the people who join [the improv classes] and the audience [at the show] can get a good laugh, chuckle, and smile out of Terrie’s improv.

Pretty much without her help I would have never found out I have such a love for improv. I am now taking lessons for improv in an improv school in New Orleans. If you are looking to see what improv is all about in New York, Terrie is your improv gal.”  Baylor Banis

(Baylor and William took the class twice!)

What Terrie’s improv instructor has to say about the benefits of improv:

3) What I had not anticipated was that these same [improv] skills would positively impact not just my professional performances but also improve my relationships with my coworkers, friends and even my family. Jed Mills, Actor, Improv Instructor