Indoor/Outdoor Team Building Games

Congratulations! You have found an expert indoor/outdoor team building facilitator.

“The team building games facilitated by Terrie helped us improve rapport and productivity in our department.”  Lars B. , GE Global Technology

  • Want to offer team building as a reward for a job well-done.  It’s fun!
  • Team building games improve motivation!  Let’s get the job done!
  • Need to repair a broken team?  I can help.

Reward Your Team

Some team leaders want to reward their team because the team is functioning well. This means the team is cooperating. In addition, they are completing projects on time and getting noticed in a positive way.

Jump Start Your Team

Some teams are stuck in personality problems and power struggles. Eventually they will emerge and get down to work, but the interim can be unbearable: not only for fellow team members, but also for a frustrated team leader/manager. Using a team building event as a catalyst to change is a great idea to free the team from the “storming” stage.

Ready to repair a broken team?

They’ve given up. There is anger under the surface of all team interactions. No one feels appreciated. Every team member has their resume up-to-date and some have been interviewing. A few have already left.  What does this tell you? The “storming” stage has become entrenched.  No commitment is present.  Attendance is terrible.  The manager is ready to quit, too!  Nothing is getting accomplished and mistakes keep happening due to lack of communication.

This requires some in-depth team building.

However, when you make the decision to book an event, the benefits of team building are long-lasting:

  • Improvements in Attitude
  • Rejuvenation of the Body and Mind
  • Increased Willingness to Collaborate
  • Increased Brainstorming and Problem-Solving
  • Healthful Laughter
  • Better Understanding of the Use of Positive Humor
  • Greater Appreciation of the Value of their Work
  • More Sensitivity to Others

Team building games make your group like each other better and get to know each other better in a way that makes them want to work better together.