Business Management Consultants – Plan a Team Building Event with Terrie for your Clients

Terrie Gifford, DTM*, Corporate Team Building Facilitator and Educational Trainer, is the energy behind The Inside Edge, Inside Information for Professional Development, founded in 2006.

*Distinguished Toastmaster

Team Building
For Business Management Consultants

Your clients are experiencing unrest. Here are some signs:
• Lack of commitment
• Bickering
• Low morale
• Complaining
• Conflicts
• Road blocks

You know your clients could use a team building event, but you’ve never led a group in these types of exercises and activities before. Instead of spending hours of time researching team building, taking courses, or working with test groups consider this…
Partner with Terrie Gifford to get this job done.

Simply hire Terrie Gifford of The Inside Edge, Professional Development to supply your group with a custom, expert team building event.

Terrie has worked with Jamie Macica of Macica Dental Consulting to supply two of Jamie’s clients with team building events.


Dr. Boyton’s Dental Office, Valatie

Drs. Ienelo and Roberto , Clifton Park

Your clients will thank you and all you had to do was contact Terrie.

Here’s what Dr. Boyton had to say:
Terrie supplied us with just the activities and training that we needed to relate to each other more effectively. The team building changed the way we worked together for the better. Terrie is an excellent communicator! We enjoyed having her work with us.

Drs. Roberto, Delwo and Iuliano’s Team, Clifton Park, NY

Feedback from Drs. Roberto, etc.

The benefits from a team building event with Terrie are long-lasting:

Improvements in Attitude
Rejuvenation of the Body and Mind
Increased Willingness to Collaborate
Increased Brainstorming and Problem-Solving
Healthful Laughter
Better Understanding of the Use of Positive Humor
Greater Appreciation of the Value of their Work
More Sensitivity to Others