Improv Workshops for Youth, Teens and Adults (Library/Leadership/Interviewing Programs)

 Watch this page from the SSPL website for further information. or call 518-584-7860 and ask for the teen room.   You MUST attend all workshops to be in the show.

NEW FOR 2016!!!

Gearing up for the March 2016 Teen Improv Boot Camp and Showcase. Workshops; all at 6:30 for one hour: Tues., March 1, Wed., March 2, Mon., Mar. 7 & Tues., Mar. 8. SHOW NIGHT-Rehearsal 5:30–SHOW @ 6:30. Saratoga Springs Public Library, Dutcher Community Room: Free and Open to the Public!

FACEBOOK – Terrie Gifford or call 518-956-3901 for details.  Library phone is 581-584-7860.

A terrific show

A terrific show




Thanks to our Teen Improv actors and their fearless leader, Terrie Gifford, for putting on an AMAZING show last night! You all were fabulous! We’ll do Improv again this winter, so stay glued to the library’s web page for info!






New for Summer 2015!!!!

Here’s what new with local improv:

Teen Improv Workshop and Showcase @ Saratoga Springs Public Library!  This program is free!

Workshop dates start on Tuesday, July 21st, 6-7 pm. Other Workshop Dates: Wednesday, July 22nd, 6-7 pm. Monday, July 27th, 6-7 pm and Tuesday, July 28th, 6-7 pm.

Rehearsal: Wednesday, July 29th, 5:30 -6:30 pm

SHOWCASE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC -FREE OF CHARGE: 6:30 to 7:30 pm. All are welcome! Please share! Thank you!

Teen Improv Comedy Boot CampTeens will participate in four sessions of improvisational comedy training with professional improv instructor, Terrie Gifford, to prepare for this summer’s Saratoga Springs Public Library Teen Improv Showcase, where teens will act out skits and scenes created by the audience. Its like “Whose Line I…

The latest “Teen Improv Bootcamp” will take place at the Saratoga Springs Public Library starting Wednesday, January 28th at 6 p.m.  Workshops are usually about an hour, but can run over 15 to 20 minutes if necessary.  The next date is Friday, January 30th from 4 to 6 p.m.  Monday and Tuesday of the first week in February are two workshop days at 6 p.m.  Then Wednesday, the rehearsal is at 5:30 (sharp!) in the large community room and the show is open to the public starting promptly at 6:30 and ending at 7:30 p.m.  Here’s the notice:

Saratoga Springs Public Library presents the “Teen Improv Boot Camp and Showcase!”  Sign up a teen today to experience the confidence of being able to get up on stage and create an impromptu show.  It only takes four one-hour classes and boom!…you’re on!  All of this madness is guided by professional improv instructor, Terrie Gifford.  To sign up:  or call Trevor at 584-7860, ext. 268 to register.

Two new library improv workshops will take place in July, 2014.  Another “Teen Improv Boot Camp and Showcase” will be at the Saratoga Springs Public Library starting July 14th at 6 p.m.  Showcase is on July 23rd at 6:30 p.m. and is open to the public.  Use the above link to SSPL for sign-ups and further information.

The second improv workshop will be at the Clifton Park/Halfmoon Public Library on July 17th at 2 p.m.  “Introduction to Improv”   This 90 minute workshop will give you enough basics to become more confident and exercise your funny muscles.  For teens and tweens.  Contact Joan at 518-371-8622.



This program with acquaint you with what goes wrong during the typical job interview and how to avoid it.  You will practice tough questions that can throw off the most seasoned job candidate in order for you to sail through your next interview and get that job.  All aspects of job hunting and the right interviewing behavior and appearance will become crystal clear, so you will have a sense of mastery upon completion of this two hour workshop.  (For all types of job-seekers)  Scheduled for Mechanicville Public Library-date has been postponed.  Stay tuned for further updates.



The last Teen Improv Boot Camp at the Saratoga Springs Public Library took place during the last two weeks of January 2014. 

Now adults can get in on the improv fun:  Create Your Own Improv Night!  Gather four friends (minimum), provide a location and get a two hour workshop.  Each friend pays only $15.00.  It’s a great way to liven up a dull winter evening.  Call 518-956-3901 to arrange.
Video Clip from Mohawk Valley Library System, Summer Reading Program Meeting, March 8, 2012 – Terrie Gifford presents to librarians


3 Improv Programs and 1 Teen Leadership Program

  • Introduction to Improv

One session, two to three hours. The last 30 minutes can be an informal show for parents and interested parties. Description: Workshop designed to promote listening, emotional intelligence and communication skills. All while having fun! Movement, speaking in front of a group and imagination are all explored through interactive activities.

  • Improv Basics

Three sessions, 60 to 90 minutes each. The last 30 minutes of the last class can be a show open to parents and/or the public. Improv is a great way to discover those interesting characters just waiting to come alive when you have some encouragement from a director. Taking an improv class also allows you some time to practice an accent you’ve been wanting to try or maybe you just want to get comfortable talking to a group with no script in front of you. No matter what your goal, you will have fun learning to think on your feet and be in the moment. Anyone can do improv with some basic instruction. Participants act out scenes that are made up on the spot. Often the result is comedic.

  • Advanced Improv

(Sometimes called “Teen Improv Boot Camp”) Four workshops, one per week. (90 minutes per workshop.) One hour-long rehearsal and one show lasting approximately an hour for parents and community members.   No prior improv experience is required.

Thorough improvisation training is included in this workshop with emphasis on presenting an entertaining one hour show at the end. Aspects of Introduction to Improv and Improv Basics are incorporated into this workshop which consists of inter-active exercises and activities designed to foster cooperation, team work and confidence. Many of the games are similar to “Whose Line is it Anyway?” Any teen interested in comedy/theater/public speaking or communications would enjoy this program.


“Thank you for all the fun you brought to both of us. We really enjoy improv with you. You ROCK! ” — Isaac and Wyatt Smith, Saratoga Springs Public Library, “Teen Improv Boot Camp,” July 



Video Clip from the Saratoga Springs Public Library, “Teen Improv Showcase,” January 2012

  • Leadership for Team-Building Teens

Or “How to Lead in the Right Direction”

This is a two hour workshop which outlines the qualities of a leader, as well as gives practical suggestions how to develop leadership qualities. Leadership is stressed in school, but rarely is discussed. Generally no leadership training is provided within the school system. Research shows when teen leaders reach employment status they experience more job satisfaction than non-leaders. They also earn more. Any employee who is able to manage a team by demonstrating leadership will be way ahead of his or her peers.

The number one skill employers want is “the ability to work on a team.” Most teams rotate leadership within the team. Some team leaders excel and others do not. Most likely in the future many teens will be employed within a team environment. This program will present the meaning and purpose of building a team, as well as the “how to.”

Teens will learn actual team building activities and exercises they can practice with a group of friends. Having this training will enable a teen to make positive choices. This workshop will also encourage a teen to develop skills of persuasion, which will be beneficial in “leading in the right direction.”