During the last twelve years I have had the pleasure of performing team building events for corporations, government agencies, non-profits, small business, school groups, professional development for teachers, and even the Air National Guard!  Within these wonderful groups  were all kinds, “makes and models” of wonderful people.  My policy is to work with everyone who wishes to hire me as a team building facilitator.  Luckily, I have met people from all walks of life, people from all over the world and people of many diversities.   My door is always open to those whose teams are broken, teams are newly forming or teams that just need a little boost.  I have worked on site at the companies of my clients and I have worked in hotel meeting rooms.  Fortunately, I am independent and do not have contracts with any one establishment.

My message today has to do with consideration.  I hope everyone takes into account how small independent business owners, such as myself, look forward to every team building date set on the calendar.  Please think twice about cancellations.  Understandably, things happen, but cancelling a date leaves a gap on which additional business has perhaps been turned away.  Naturally, the client is always right, of course, but sometimes those who are getting a steady paycheck are not completely aware of the hardships small business owners face by suffering lost income due to cancellations.  Thank you for understanding and I hope to work with your team in the future.

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