Many managers know they have “people problems” within their teams. They may handle these problems in various ways. For example, some managers may ignore the behaviors. Others may joke openly about them hoping to embarrass the team member(s) into a more professional attitude. Both of these management styles tend to do nothing about the underlying issues of people not really mature enough to pull together to act like a team.

The astute manager will plan a team building event to take the onus of “disciplining” the team member(s). Planning a team building event for the entire group does not single out any individual. They come to me with statements like, “I just want everyone to get along.” That’s nice, but it’s not specific enough. I always like to ask my clients, “How will you know when you have accomplished your goal?” This forces the manager to identify specific behaviors they would like to eliminate and helps to focus on areas that may be addressed in a general way during a brainstorming section of a team building event.