Recently I had the pleasure of providing a training session for 27 H&R Block managers for Eastern New York.  During the session I suggested they use storytelling as one way to motivate their teams.  Here is a great example everyone can use:

“The Rebellion Against the Stomach,” Rewritten by Terrie Gifford

(As adapted from The Book of Virtues, William Bennett)


One day a few body parts decided to take the stomach to task for not working as hard as the rest of the others.  The brain complained it had to think of how to obtain food for the stomach. The hands complained they had to toil all day to get money to buy food and then make it for the stomach. The feet complained they had to support the body doing all those jobs for the stomach.  The mouth complained it had to do all the chewing for the stomach.  They decided to go on strike.

Several days later all the body parts were very weak.  Eventually the brain declared it might be wrong.  It occurred to them the stomach may have been working on its own all along.  “It’s true,” the body parts agreed, “the stomach has been benefiting from getting the food from us, but he’s been sending most of it right back to us as fuel for our labors.”

Moral of the story:  Either we all work together, or nothing works at all.

Be sure to appreciate the “stomach” on your team.

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“When you dare to lead, 
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Roger Killen

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Communication: Means less time wasted on projects, increased productivity, and a feeling of bonding.
Bonding :Bonding comes from a greater trust and better communication between people, leading to unity.

Unity: Is that cohesion of a team, a “pull-together” positive team spirit with a “can do” attitude.

Attitude: Positive attitude increases team spirit within leaders/company.
Team Spirit : Cultivates loyalty which is the basis of all team building exercises.
Loyalty : Is the holy grail in any business, it equates to fewer turnovers, greater trust, open communication and a united “can do” work force inspired to work for the leaders/company.


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