Your team will benefit from a Team Building Event with Terrie Gifford.

Team building is more than lessons in how to work together, it is a highly customized series of activities and exercises designed to bring out the best in your group.
“When you dare to lead, 
things beyond your wildest dreams may happen.”
Roger Killen

Terrie Gifford, Distinguished Toastmaster, has developed corporate and educational team building and improvisational experiences for over 6 years. The benefits of team building can be long lasting and beneficial to any company’s productivity, growth, communication skills and employee loyalty.

When you book a Terrie Gifford team building experience with Liberty Ridge Farm, you can expect your team to receive the best event that will cultivate benefits such as;
Greater trust: Team members building trust in each other that will lead to increased respect while encouraging open and better communication.
Communication: Means less time wasted on projects, increased productivity, and a feeling of bonding.
Bonding :Bonding comes from a greater trust and better communication between people, leading to unity.

Unity: Is that cohesion of a team, a “pull-together” positive team spirit with a “can do” attitude.

Attitude: Positive attitude increases team spirit within leaders/company.
Team Spirit : Cultivates loyalty which is the basis of all team building exercises.
Loyalty : Is the holy grail in any business, it equates to fewer turnovers, greater trust, open communication and a united “can do” work force inspired to work for the leaders/company.


Every company can build upon their foundation of confidence & loyalty by booking a team building event today!   Contact Terrie at